Chiropractic Care

Dr. Nathan S. Conlee at WinterHaven Health Center

At Performance Neurology, Dr. Nathan S. Conlee, specializes in Tucson chiropractic care and promotes ongoing wellness through chiropractic care and functional neurology that results in a healthier mind, body, & lifestyle. With regular adjustments, Tucson chiropractor Dr. Conlee offers preventative health benefits that other treatments may lack. Every member of your family can benefit from regular chiropractic care. Your spine…and the rest of your body…will thank you.

Health. It’s one of the most important aspects of our lives. No other single organ of the body is as important to our health than the central nervous system. It is complex, but the solution to health and wellness is quite simple. Tucson chiropractic care offers a natural, pharmaceutical-free approach to health care. Chiropractic care also helps the avoidance of pain, & relief of existing pain.

The human spinal column has 24 vertebrae that surround the spinal cord–an important part of the intricate central nervous system that coordinates every function of the body–including pain receptors. Dr. Conlee knows that the most important step to an healthy lifestyle is a healthy spine.

If two or more adjacent vertebrae aren’t functioning properly, chiropractors refer to this as a misalignment or a subluxation. A subluxation can cause pain, discomfort, impaired mobility, or other symptoms.

Other parts of the body can eventually start displaying other symptoms as a result of dysfunction of the spine. These additional symptoms are a way for your body to let you know something just isn’t right. The absence of pain also does not necessarily mean the presence of great health either. When you finally experience pain, the origin of the pain might have been causing “unseen” problems for an extended amount of time, even years. Good news, however, routine chiropractic care helps relieve many of these symptoms, including pain, even before you experience warning signs.